公司政策Corporate Policy


stela-vr-werk-010.jpgQuality and customer satisfaction

Every day, our company faces up to the challenges of the market. Therefore, we develop individually and hand in hand with our customers exactly the one solution for each product to be dried.  We can achieve our aim of a permanent customer satisfaction only when we offer products and services absolutely corresponding to the actual needs of our customers or even exceeding them at best.
The constant improvement of our overall performance, satisfied customers, healthy and motivated employees and maintaining the capability are permanent aims of our company. We constantly continue to develop by means of surveying our customers and employees as well as the permanent verification of our processes, our aims and our key figures.

Operational safety and Health

Our employees are the guarantors for the continuity and the success of our company. Therefore, the responsibility for our staff is of the highest priority for us. 

In order to be able to meet the challenges on the market also in the future, the training of new specialists, the qualification and the workers‘ participation in the design of their workplaces is essential and an important component of our personnel policy. 
Our future-oriented workplaces, exceeding by far the legal regulations, in a modern and joint ambience are the basis for acting successfully. We commit ourselves, if possible, to minimize the risks for safety, health and labour protection and to eliminate them at best. The provision of working conditions in conformity with health and safety standards and the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases of our employees as well as the safety guarantee for third persons are especially important for us. 


Environmental protection and the efficient handling of all resources available form an essential component of our corporate policy. It is our aim to contribute to preserve our environment by means of improving the energy efficiency and avoiding environmental stress.

Responsibility of the Management

The company management and the general managers ensure that the employees are not discriminated in the company for ethnic or religious reasons, due to their gender or respectively their sexual orientation and that all legal and other requierements the company has committed to are fulfilled. 
The top management induces the required activities for integration of the management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management and DIN ISO 45001:2018 operational safety and health protection and pays attention to their implementation, development and realization. A continuous improvement is the focus of our business and incorporates all company processes as well as our employees, furthermore we promote constructive ideas for increasing quality, service and innovation.
高层管理人员根据德国工业标准 EN ISO 9001:2015质量管理和德国工业标准 ISO 45001:2018操作安全与健康保护要求,进行管理系统集成所需的活动,并注意其实施,开发和实现。持续改进是我们业务的重点,并融入了公司的所有流程以及我们的员工,此外,我们提倡建设性的构想,以提高质量,服务和创新。
Team spirit, trust among each other and respecting the dignity of each individual form the foundation of our framework.

sgd. Thomas Laxhuber, Rainer Hettwer
management board